Sigurbergur Kárason



Associate Professor at Faculty of Medicine, Shool of Health Sciences, University of Iceland

MD, PhD at the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Landspitali University Hospital

E-mail: skarason (at)

Landspitali University Hospital, Fossvogur Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

(work in progress)

Sigurbergur Kárason

Dissertation, Sahlgrenska University, Gothenburg Sweden. Spirodynamics, new methods for continuous monitoring of respiratory mechanics in ventilator-treated patients (ISBN 91-628-4349-4).

Main interest has been in Intensive Care Medicine and particularly ventilator therapy. Studies have been performed in mechanical models, animal models and in patients.

Led a Scandinavian research group that studied ventilator treatment in the Nordic countries and have participated in several multicenter Scandinavian, European and international studies such as a study regarding use of vasopressors, fluids, outcome after H1N1 infection and surgical outcome. In Iceland various studies regarding postoperative vomiting and pain after surgery, drug intoxications treated in the ICU, prevalence and outcome of sepsis in ICU patients, metabolism in ICU patients, organ donations and organ transplants in Iceland , hypothermic treatment after asphyxia, outcome of patients after hip fractures, transfusions in the ICU, effect of neck collars on jugular venous pressure, etc.

In the BMC main interest has been in effect of mechanical strain on lung epithelial cells using a mechanical model to produce to stretch on lung epithelial cells. Several projects are ongoing, among them cooperation with a private company regarding the use of kitin to stimulate bone growth.


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