Bioinformatics Facility

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Bioinformatics Facility

The Biomedical Center operates a bioinformatics computer cluster for large scale bioinformatic projects and offers specialist support in bioinformatic analysis.

The bioinformatics core main purpose is to assist scientists with large scale bioinformatic projects.

For this purpose, the core has a bioinformatics computer cluster, Mímir, setup for large scale bioinformatics work requiring large data storage and high processing power.

The computer cluster runs on Linux operating system and most bioinformatic software packages can be installed.

The Mimir computer cluster was renewed in 2022 with 10 computer notes each with 64 CPUs, 256 Gib memory and fast 100Tb disk system.

Mimir is part of the HPC cluster Elja, which includes GPU computing nodes. In this partition each node has 64 CPU cores and 1 NVIDIA A100 GPU card. GPU nodes are preferred for some programs such as the protein structure predictor Alpahfold that has been installed on Mimir. 

More information on how to apply for access can be found here:

The cluster is available for researchers from all Icelandic universities and institutions with assistance of the facility specialist consultant. 

The facility specialist supports scientists with bioinformatic analysis and teaches how to perform the analysis along with working updating software and scripts.

For any questions on how to gain access to computer cluster Mímir, or how to run the latest bioinformatic software feel free to contact us.

For more information contact: Dr. Snævar Sigurðsson