Biosafety 3 laboratory


Biosafety 3 laboratory

A biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory was built at Keldur in 2007 for working with high-risk pathogens, for example when there is suspicion of infections in animals with a potential zoonotic risk such as rabies or anthrax, or when working with infectious agents that are not endemic in Iceland. Screening of avian influenza is performed there.

The laboratory is in a separate building with outer and inner compartments and negative air pressure in the inner compartment. All air from the inner compartment is filtrated and all waste from the laboratory is sterilized.

The BSL-3 house has three floors. Waste liquids from sinks and drains are sterilized in the cellar. An autopsy room and laboratory are on the ground floor and equipment for air filtration is on the top floor.

When working in the facility disposable garments are used, and strict working rules must be followed.

Vilhjálmur Svansson, veterinarian, is the supervisor of the BSL-3 lab.