Protein Structure and Disorder Prediction uising AlphaFold

16. December 2021
12:00 til 13:00

BMC Seminar Thursday 16th of December, 12:00 on Zoom:

Speakers: Matthías Már Valdimarsson, Masters student in Biochemistry at the University of Iceland and Tinna Reynisdóttir, Doctoral student at Hans T. Björnsson laboratory, Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland

Title: Protein Structure and Disorder Prediction uising AlphaFold

Tinna Reynisdóttir, Doctoral student
Tinna Reynisdóttir, Doctoral student

Abstract: Accurately describing the structure and disorder of proteins is of central importance in gaining a mechanistic understanding of their function. Traditional techniques for structure prediction have greatly enhanced our understanding of protein function, yet their limitations and resource-intensive nature limits our view to a fraction of the known proteome. The past few decades have seen massive leaps in proteins structure determination from amino acid sequence alone, and the recent publication of AlphaFold 2 represents the first truly accurate protein structure prediction model, resolving protein backbones to atomic accuracy.

Matthías Már Valdimarsson, Masters student
Matthías Már Valdimarsson, Masters student

In this seminar we will explain how AlphaFold achieves unprecedented accuracy in protein structure determination, showcase how molecular scientists can leverage it in their research, and present examples of researchers that are extending AlphaFold to new and exciting applications.