Fly Facility Equipment

2 x CO2 anaesthesia work-stations (addition of further stations possible).
DigiTherm® CircKinetics™ Drosophila Activity Monitoring and light-cycle Incubator.
Percival Drosophila incubator (25°C, climate controlled).
18°C incubator.
Fluorescent Stereomicroscope - Zeiss Stereo Discovery V12. GFP and mCherry LED. High-sensitivity monochrome camera. ZEN software with Extended focus, time-lapse and photostitching modules.
MINJ-1000 Injection station with micromanipulator and digital pneumatic injection pump. Inverted microscope, fluorescent.
Food-kitchen with MediaClave 10.
Stock collection containing many commonly used fly strains and genetic tools as well as toolstrains for neurobiology (operated by the PI).