Applications to Infrastructure Fund 15th of April

25. March 2021
12:00 til 13:00

BMC Seminar Thursday 25 March, 12:00

Title: Applications to Infrastructure Fund 15th of April

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1.       Efnagreining – project on RoadMap 2021

Óttar Rolfsson - Analytical chemistry instrumentation is fundamental to all molecular sciences. I will briefly report the apparatuses that will be applied for within the EfnGrein Roadmap that includes, amongst other instruments, a QTOF mass spectrometer discovery platform designed for molecular phenotyping (metabolites/proteins) of biological samples.

2.       From Molecular Life Science to Precision Medicine – project on RoadMap 2021

Theme 1: Mouse Phenotyping

a)       George Kararigas - Vevo 3100 - High Frequency Ultrasound imaging system.

The VisualSonics (VSI) Vevo® high-resolution imaging systems are the only commercially-available ultrasound-based micro-imaging systems (15 to 70+ MHz) designed specifically for small animal research. The system enables the researcher to obtain in vivo anatomical, functional, physiological and molecular data simultaneously, in real-time and with resolution down to 30 μm. Unlike other imaging platforms that offer acceptable results when attempting to image static anatomical structures, the Vevo imaging station allows the user to record dynamic processes in real-time as well. These unique features of both anatomical/physiological and dynamic imaging, in a single platform, translate into both user efficiency as well as cost effectiveness for the laboratory.

b)      Eiríkur Steingrímsson – IVIS Optical Imaging

We are planning to apply for an IVIS optical imaging system called Spectrum 3D. This system allows the tracing of luminescent and fluorescent signals in live small animals (mice and rats) in the blue to near-infrared wavelengths.  It also offers single-view 3D tomography for both fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters that can be analyzed in an anatomical context. CT can be an add-on. The instrument allows high sensitivity, high-resolution (20 µm) and relatively high-throughput tracing of labels in vivo. For example, this system allows the tracking of tumor cells and metastases in living animals and the spatial identification of the tissues they are located in. The signals can be quantitated.  

3.       Other applications

Þór Eysteinsson - Image-guided laser for photocoagulation unit, as an add-on to the funduscamera and OCT unit for rodents.