Mass Spectrometry Facility


Mass Spectrometry Facility

Mass spectrometry facility at the School of Health Sciences (The MassHei core facility)

Mass spectrometry is a versatile analytical technique for basic and applied molecular research.  Within MassHei we currently offer a wide range of analyses that afford information on the qualitative and/or quantitative molecular composition of diverse biological samples including cells in culture, tissue biopsies, urine, plasma and serum. Our facility operates several types of mass spectrometers including QTOFs for untargeted molecular analysis, imaging and structural elucidation, and tandem quadrupoles for more accurate quantitative analysis. Detailed information on instrumentation is available here.
Our services include metabolomics and lipidomics analysis and we can assist with sample preparation prior to LCMS analysis. Discovery based proteomics service includes in solution proteolytic digestion, nano-LCMS/MS and the identification of proteins by database matching along with the identification of post-translational modifications if desired using the program progenesis. Quantitative proteomics analysis of roughly 200 disease associated plasma biomarkers is also established within the facility.

For further information please get in touch with:

Óttar Rolfsson ottarr(hja)
Margrét Þorsteinsdóttir margreth(hja)
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