Kristján Leósson

General Manager, Department of Materials Science, Biotechnology and Energy, Innovation Center Iceland


E-mail: kristjan.leosson (at)
Phone: +354 522-9000

Department of Materials Science, Biotechnology and Energy Innovation Center Iceland Árleynir 2-8, 112 Reykjavik

Dr. Leosson completed a B.Sc.Eng. in Engineering Physics and a B.A. (minor) in Philosophy at Queen's University, Canada, and an M.Sc. in experimental physics from the University of Iceland. He received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from DTU in 2002, where his thesis work focused on the optical properties of semiconductor quantum dots. In 2001, Kristjan co-founded and worked for two start-up companies in Denmark in the period 2002-2005, developing fabrication processes for new types of integrated optical circuits for telecommunications and biotechnology. From 2005-2014, Kristjan was been employed as a senior research scientist at the Physics Department of the Science Institute of the University of Iceland. Currently, he is heading the department of Materials Science, Biotechnology and Energy at Innovation Center Iceland, a government-funded industrial research institute.


Research: Dr. Leosson's research activities have, in part, been focused on the application of nanotechnology in life science. In collaboration with researchers at the BMC, he has worked on technology development for two-dimensional electrophoresis, in addition to designing and building integrated optical circuits for surface-confined fluorescence microscopy and biosensing . From the year 2000, Dr. Leosson has made important contributions to research in plasmonics (interaction of light with metal surfaces and nanostructures), including work on surface-enhanced Raman scattering and integrated plasmonic circuitry. He was responsible for the construction of a class-100 cleanroom facility for micro- and nanofabrication at the University of Iceland, in operation since 2006.

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