Assistant Professor at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Health Sciences, University of Iceland


Phone: +354 525 5115

Hagi, Hofsvallagötu 53, 107 Reykjavík, Iceland

Berglind finished her M.Sc in Pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Iceland (UI) in 2007, gaining a certification as a pharmacist. She finished her Ph.D from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (UI) with the thesis title „N-alkyl Quaternary Chitosan Derivatives for Permeation Enhancement in Bronchial Epithelia“ in 2012 where she did both synthesis of quaternary chitosan derivatives and subsequent structural characterizations as well as cell culture work and permeation assays. Her PhD work was done at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (UI), at the Biomedical center (UI) and at the research facility of bioorganic chemistry, University of Copenhagen.

After working in the Quality Affairs field for 3rd party drug manufacturing at Actavis Group, she returned to academia to her current position as an Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutics at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (UI) in late 2015.

Teaching: Berglind teaches undergraduate and graduate courses (both lectures and practical) in basic and advanced pharmaceutics as well as aspectes related to the regulatory environment in drug manufacutring (regulatory affairs and good manufacturing practise, GMP) at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (UI)

Research Activity:

The main focus is on isolation of exosomes from cell culture media for their subsequent use as drug delivery vehicles for cancer treatment. Berglind and her collaborators are currently working on a optimization protocol for exosome isolation using ultrafiltration and size-exclusion (SEC) chromatography for efficient separation of exosomes from other extracellular vesicles and protein agglomerates. Subsequently isolated exosomes will be used as drug delivery vehicles for anti-cancer drugs and drug leads.

Current Berglind Eva Benediktsdóttir's group:

Aníta Björk Sigurðardóttir, M.Sc student

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