Thursday, November 27, 2014 - 12:15
Specific location: 

This week BMC Seminar Thursday, 27th November will be at DeCode Genetics, Sturlugata 8, at 12:15

Speaker: Senthil K Muthuswamy, PhD

Margaret Lau Chair, Senior Scientist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto, Canada
Professor, Departments of Molecular Biophysics and Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto

Title: Cell Polarity Pathways and Organoids: New Pathways and Models for Controlling Cancer

Short abstract:

Cell polarity proteins are a recognized class of molecules that can receive and interpret both intrinsic and extrinsic signals to modulate cell behavior such as morphogenesis, migration and cell division. Until recently we did not know the cause and effect relationship between changes in cell polarity proteins and the cancer phenotype. I will discuss how we using organotypic cultures and mouse models to identify the contexts under which cell polarity proteins drive the initiation and progression of cancer cell biology.

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