Friday, March 5, 2021 -
13:30 to 16:00

Bioinformatics workshop: bring your own data/problems.

Thursday 5 March 13:30-16:00 on TEAMS or Zoom

Introduction to the bioinformatics core facility at the University of Iceland / Biomedical center.

Workshop on bioinformatics capacity, programs and existing research at the Biomedical center / University of Iceland

The workshop starts by introduction of the Mímir computer cluster, how to access it and the software and programs installed. Examples will be given of bioinformatic pipelines in place.

Researchers, that means graduate students, postdocs and principal investigators alike, will be given chance to present their research, analyses approaches and examples of the problems they have encountered or would like to overcome. The participation of researchers is essential, so the bioinformatics core can be developed further and be of broader utility. We encourage the researchers to bring concrete examples of datasets that they have analyzed, have problems analyzing or would like to analyze in the future.

Each researcher will be allotted 5-10 minutes to present their research. We encourage people to briefly describe the research question and the datasets (RNA-seq, genomic data, proteome, etc), and focus mainly on data analysis. What you have done or hope to achieve. Aim for 310 slide presentation. Talk slots will be allocated to represent variable topics and first come basis.

Those who would like to take part, send an email to Sigríður K. Böðvarsdóttir (, with a title, name of author(s), and 5-10 sentences mini abstract.

We encourage PI's to nominate their students and postdocs for the workshop.

Schedule of the workshop.

13:30   Sigríður K. Böðvarsdóttir – welcome.

13:35   Snævar Sigurðsson – Mímir and the bioinformatics services.

13:50   Páll Melsted – Latest methods for Single-cell RNA-seq analysis.

14:45 -16:00   Short 5-10 minute presentations plus discussion on bioinformatics problems and analyses from participants followed by discussion.

1. Romain Lasseur under supervision of Eirikur Steingrimsson.

Title: Comparison between wild-type and hypomorphic mutation of MITF in melanocyte cells

2. Charles C R Hansen, Snæbjörn Pálsson

Title: Genomics of the white-tailed eagle in Iceland

3. Sigurður Trausti Karvelsson, Freyr Jóhannsson & Óttar Rolfsson

Title: Correlation network analysis of untargeted metabolomic data from trauma patient plasma samples

4. Sara Þöll Halldórsdóttir and Hans Tómas Björnsson

Title: Single-cell RNA sequencing on multiple Kabuki syndrome cell models

5. Adrián López García de Lomana and Óttar Rolfsson

Title: An integrated metabolic and gene regulatory network model of human endothelial function

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