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With its recognized and engaged faculty, BMC offers excellent opportunities for masters students, PhD fellows and postdoctoral fellows to participate in cutting-edge research. 

Masters and PhD Projects

1. PhD position in molecular biosciences, Science Institute, School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, University of Iceland

The project 

The Department of Biochemistry, University of Iceland, invites applications for a research position in molecular biosciences towards a PhD degree. The successful candidate will join the research group led by Dr. Pétur O. Heiðarsson ( and will work on understanding the interactions of pioneer transcription factors with chromatin and their link to cell reprogramming mechanisms. The candidate will use cutting-edge single-molecule spectroscopy and microscopy as a core technique, in vitro and in vivo.  

Funding and collaborations 

This project, which is funded with a grant from the European Research Council (ERC), is a multi-national collaboration with research groups in Europe, USA, and Australia, and offers the candidate a possibility for short research visits abroad. The project is also affiliated with the REPIN Center at the University of Copenhagen, which is dedicated to redefining protein interactions within the framework of molecular disorder. 

The infrastructure 

The work will mainly take place in the newly established Protein Science Core facility in Askja- Building of Natural Sciences, a research unit within the Science Institute, located in the heart of the Science Gardens in Reykjavík. Our infrastructure includes protein expression and purification facilities, structural and functional analysis, and a confocal microscope capable of single-molecule detection. The Protein Science Core is affiliated with the Biomedical Center ( linking it to diverse bioscience research, including over 70 PIs and 100 graduate students and postdocs.
The candidate 

  • Researcher with MSc in biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology, or related fields.  
  • Background in single-molecule methodology, protein chemistry, or chromatin biology.  
  • Excellent computer or data analysis skills, with software such as MATLAB, Mathematica, or similar. 
  • Good cooperative and social skills, ability to work both independently and in a team. 
  • Proven proficiency in written and spoken English. 


The deadline for applying is December 10th 2022, with earliest start of project in January 2023. To apply and for more information, please visit 



2. Laus er staða fyrir meistaranema í líf- og læknavísindum við verkefnið: Lífvísar í augum sjúklinga með Alzheimer sjúkdóm - English below

Námið felur í sér rannsóknir á súrefnisbúskap í sjónhimnuæðum hjá einstaklingum með væga, vitræna skerðingu (MCI, forstig Alzheimer). Í því felst að taka myndir af augnbotnum með sérstökum súrefnismæli auk þess að greina myndirnar úr mælinum. Skoðað verður hvort súrefnismettun í augum (og aðrir lífvísar) tengist framgangi vægrar vitrænnar skerðingar og / eða Alzheimer sjúkdóms. Til greina kemur að sníða verkefnið meira að tæknilegri þróun aðferða við súrefnismælingar. Verkefnið verður unnið að hluta til hjá Lífeðlisfræðistofnun Læknadeildar í Læknagarði og að hluta á Augndeild Landspítalans.

Við leitum að einstaklingi með bakgrunn í lífvísindum (líffræði, hjúkrunarfræði, læknisfræði, lyfjafræði, lífeindafræði, heilbrigðisverkfræði o.s.frv.).

Verkefnið er styrkt af Rannsóknasjóði Rannís ásamt Rannsóknasjóði HÍ og Vísindasjóði LSH

Áhugasamir hafi samband við: Svein Hákon Harðarson – og Ólöfu Birnu Ólafsdóttur –

We are looking for a master's student in biomedical sciences for the project: Biomarkers in the eyes of patients with Alzheimer's disease

The project entails the study of retinal oxygenation in individuals with mild cognitive impairment (MCI, pre-Alzheimer's stage). It involves taking images of the retina with a special oximeter as well as analyzing the images from the oximeter. We will test whether retinal oxygen saturation (and other biomarkers) are associated with the development of mild cognitive impairment and / or Alzheimer's disease. It is possible to gear the project more towards the technical development of oximetry methods. The project will be performed partly at the Institute of Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine in Læknagarður and partly at the Department of Ophthalmology at Landspítali.

We are looking for a person with a background in life sciences (biology, nursing, medicine, pharmacology, biology, biomedical engineering, etc.).

The project is funded by the Rannís Research Fund as well as the University of Iceland Research Fund and the LSH Science Fund

Those, who are interested should contact: Svein Hákon Harðarson - and Ólöf Birna Ólafsdóttir -

3. MSc student post in physiology, to study the regulation of vascular tone and wall tension in arteries

We are searching for a motivated person with a background in the biomedical sciences to work on a 90 ECTS MSc project, to study the regulation of vascular tone and wall tension in arteries (pig retinal arteries and mouse mesenteric arteries), using segments of these vessels in a small wire myography preparation, and fundus imaging and fluorescent angiography from rodent eyes, in anesthetized animals. In addition, molecular methods to localize relevant proteins on vessels and the levels of expression of these proteins will be used.  The candidate needs to have basic knowledge of cell physiology, and smooth muscle function.  The project is supervised by Þór Eysteinsson and Andrea García-Llorca in the Department of Physiology.  Contact Þór Eysteinsson ( for further detail.

4. MSc student position to study dose-sparing effects of adjuvants and natural compounds using a neonatal mouse immunization model

We are looking for a motivated student who wants to join the Vaccine research group of Ingileif Jónsdóttir and Stefanía P. Bjarnarson at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland and Department of Immunology at Landspitali. The study aims are to evaluate dose-sparing effects of different adjuvants and natural compounds using a murine neonatal immunization model. Dose sparing strategies aim to increase vaccine immunogenicity and minimize the dose of vaccine antigen needed to confer protective immunity, by including adjuvants or natural compounds in the vaccine formulation. We initially offer the student a summer job position, so the research could start during the summer 2022. The project is funded by the Technology Development Fund.

Please contact Auður Anna Aradóttir Pind ( for further information.

PhD and postdoctoral fellows

Group leaders at the BMC are always looking for highly motivated PhD fellows and postdocs. If there are currently no open calls posted on our website, excellent PhDs and postdocs are encouraged to apply to one of our groups for fellowships at any time. The chances for a position at BMC are increased significantly if you contact us well ahead of time. Please contact the Group Leader you wish to work with directly and please enclose the following materials:

1. Cover Letter/letter of interest
2. CV
3. Three (3) letters of reference 

Send email to

Work environment at BMC

BMC is a dynamic and international research centre. We offer good working conditions with excellent possibilities in an open, collaborative atmosphere. We offer state-of-the-art research facilities in modern laboratories. The research groups at BMC collaborate closely and all our young scientists (masters students, PhD fellows and postdocs) actively participate in all our activities.

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