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With its recognized and engaged faculty, BMC offers excellent opportunities for masters students, PhD fellows and postdoctoral fellows to participate in cutting-edge research. 

Masters and PhD Projects

PhD and postdoctoral fellows

Group leaders at the BMC are always looking for highly motivated PhD fellows and postdocs. If there are currently no open calls posted on our website, excellent PhDs and postdocs are encouraged to apply to one of our groups for fellowships at any time. The chances for a position at BMC are increased significantly if you contact us well ahead of time. Please contact the Group Leader you wish to work with directly and please enclose the following materials:

1. Cover Letter/letter of interest
2. CV
3. Three (3) letters of reference 

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Work environment at BMC

BMC is a dynamic and international research centre. We offer good working conditions with excellent possibilities in an open, collaborative atmosphere. We offer state-of-the-art research facilities in modern laboratories. The research groups at BMC collaborate closely and all our young scientists (masters students, PhD fellows and postdocs) actively participate in all our activities.

1. Masterproject in molecular biology and innate immunity

A master-project is available in a research project on human lung epithelia and cell signaling linked to innate immunity and defenses against microbes. During the last decades the importance of innate immunity in lung epithelium has been partially clarified but deficiencies in the system result in repeated infections. The research group has found novel ways to stimulate innate immunity in human epithelial cell lines against infections and central signal pathways affecting the epithelial barrier. The project is for two years and funded by RANNÍS. The research laboratory is located in Læknagardur and part of BioMedical Center University of Iceland.

Gudmundur Hrafn Gudmundsson professor of Cell biology in Life and Environmental Sciences

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