Thursday, January 11, 2018 -
11:35 to 12:25
Specific location: 
Room 343

BMC Seminar Thursday 11th of January at 11:35 in room 343 Læknagarður

Speaker: Dr. Paolo Gargiulo1(1) Institute for Biomedical and Neural Engineering, school of science and engineering Reykjavík University, Iceland; (2) Department of science, Landspitali, Reykjavík, Iceland

Title: From medical imaging to surgical planning: new directions for Bone and Muscle Assessment

Abstract: This seminar outlines the methods and applications of X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) imaging to analyze soft tissue, bone and skeletal muscle density and volume in the context of modern challenges in the field of translational myology. The approaches described here use medical imaging processing techniques and computational methods to: quantify muscle morphology, illustrate changes with 3D models, develop numerical profiles specific for each individual, and assess muscle and bone changes due to targeted medical treatment.

Applications of these methodologies are employed: to depict subject specific muscle profiling associated with age, to illustrate and quantify muscle degeneration and its partial reversal via Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), and to highlight recovery following total hip arthroplasty (THA). The seminar will also describe new directions for surgical planning based on patient specific imaging and 3D modelling.

Bio: Paolo Gargiulo is an Associated Professor and works at center of Medical Technology Center - Reykjavik University /University Hospital Landspitali. He studied at TU Wien, Austria and finished his PhD in 2008. He has have been active in the field of Clinical Engineering, medical image processing and 3-D modeling and tissue engineering. He developed at Landspitali a rapid prototyping service to support surgical planning with over 200 operation planned.  He has published 60 papers in peer reviewed international journals and chapters in academic books. He has been consultant of MedEl for the development of larynx pacemaker (2009-2017), he co-operating with Össur  on the use of EEG  to evaluate cortical reorganization in lower limb amputees, with Hjartavernd and NIH  to study muscle atrophy or degeneration in aging associated to life styles and co-morbidities, and with Washington University (US) in Brain Modeling project. Since December 2013 Paolo Gargiulo is the director of the Institute of Biomedical and Neural Engineering and the Icelandic center of Neurophysiology .




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