Thursday, March 14, 2019 -
12:00 to 13:00
Specific location: 
Room 201

BMC Seminar Thursday 14th of March at 12:00 in room 201 Læknagarður

Speaker: Dr Gunnhildur Ásta Traustadóttir, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at SCRU laboratory, Faculty of Medicine, Univerisity of Iceland

Title: The imprinted gene Delta like non-canonical Notch ligand 1 (Dlk1) plays a role during tissue development and regeneration through Notch dependent and independent mechanisms

Delta like non-canonical Notch ligand 1 (Dlk1) is an imprinted gene, highly expressed during embryonic development and tissue regeneration. Despite mainly being known for its involvement in adipogenesis, Dlk1 has been associated with many other stem cells/progenitors and its role in proliferation and differentiation of various cell types is firmly established. Moreover, Dlk1 is expressed at high frequency in multiple human cancers and has been linked to increased tumorigenicity and invasiveness. Nevertheless, the underlying mechanism of Dlk1 action is unknown, and seems to depend on both Notch dependent and independent pathways.

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