Thursday, March 31, 2016 -
12:25 to 13:10
Specific location: 
Room 343
BMC Seminar Thursday March 31st at 12:25 in room 343, Læknagarður 

Speaker: Freyr Jóhannsson, 

Title: The effects of pathogen inactivation on platelet metabolism during storage
Abstract: Platelets represent an important part of transfusion medicine on account of their hemostatic role. 
Pathogen contamination is still a major threat during platelet transfusion which limits their storage time to 5-7 days. 
To diminish the thread of pathogen transmission via blood transfusion, pathogen inactivation techniques have been developed. 
One such technique is the Intercept Blood System. It is already in routine use in over 20 countries, including the Icelandic Blood Bank. 
To examine the effects the Intercept Blood System has on platelet metabolism we monitored 60 extracellular metabolites during 7 days of storage using an LC-MS-based targeted metabolomics approach.


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