Thursday, March 27, 2014 -
12:25 to 13:10
Specific location: 
Room 343

Málstofa Lífvísindaseturs verður haldin fimmtudaginn 27. mars kl. 12:25-13:10 í stofu 343 í Læknagarði.

Dr. Tobias Richter mun fjalla um CRISPR erfðatæknina sem er hluti af uppbyggingu á kjarnaaðstöðu við Lífvísindasetur.

Erindið verður á ensku og er öllum opið.


This week BMC seminar will be given by Dr Tobias Richter.

Title: CRISPy BMC: A new transgenesis method in practice.

Thursday 27th March at 12:25 in room 343 at Læknagarður

Abstract: In recent years, the development of new transgenesis methods was a breakthrough in life science research. Nowadays, almost every lab can design there own highly specific gene targeting strategies and carrying out homologous recombination in a more efficient way. Tobias will dicsuss the principles of the CRISPR technolgy which is currently established at the BMC. Further, he is going to introduce possible applications and ongoing projects at the BMC.

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