BMC seminar programme

The Biomedical Center‘s weekly seminar series.

The seminar will take place every Thursday at 12:00-13:00.

All talks will be in English.

If you have any suggestion of a seminar please contact Dr. Jón Pétur Jóelsson ( or Hildur Sigurgrímsdóttir (

Seminar Programme Spring 2023

Date     Title of talk Speaker
April 17     GPMLS lecture - Breast cancer prevention via targeting progenitors Prof. Kornelia Polyak
March 23     Can we cure cancer? - Treating cancer with adoptive cellular therapy Sólrún Melkorka Maggadóttir
March 16     Development of a preventive vaccine against insect bite hypersensitivity in horses Dr. Sigríður Jónsdóttir
March 9     Microneurography as a tool in clinical neurophysiology – studying Sympathetic nerve traffic in humans Prof. Yrsa Bergmann Sverrisdóttir
March 2     GPMLS lecture - Basic and translational studies on the second largest source of mutation in cancer Prof. Reuben S. Harris
February 23     Modulation of epithelial innate immune responses by microbiota metabolites Dr. Iwona Teresa Myszor
February 9     Dietary fish oil enhances hallmarks of resolution of inflammation with NK cells playing a key role Prof. Jóna Freysdóttir
February 2     Sepsis requiring Intensive Care Unit admission: Studies on temporal trends in epidemiology, cancer, elective surgery and local infectious outbreaks Dr. Edda Vésteinsdóttir
January 26     Sustainability in laboratories Dr. Katrín Möller
January 12     Non-antibiotic disease modifying effects of macrolides in airway diseases Árni Ásbjarnarson

Seminar Programme Autumn 2022

Date     Title of talk Speaker
November 24     Host restriction of lentiviruses and viral countermeasures: The Vif protein of maedi-visnavirus Dr. Stefán Ragnar Jónsson
November 10     A comparison of the genomes of Icelandic Renibacterium salmoninarum isolates to genomes of isolates from North America, Europe, and Chile. Dr. Birkir Þór Bragason
October 27     Scrapie situation in Iceland and recent findings Dr. Stefanía Þorgeirsdóttir
October 20     Modelling APRT deficiency in kidney cells in vitro Hildur Rún Helgudóttir
September 15     Mímir II - A new high-performance computer-cluster for bioinformatics Dr. Elvar Örn Jónsson and Dr. Snævar Sigurðsson
August 25     GPMLS lecture - Large-scale data archives and analytic tools for neurological disorders Dr. Dominique Duncan
August 15     Life in context: EMBL‘s perspective Dr. Edith Heard


Seminar Programme Spring 2022

Date     Title of talk Speaker
June 16      GPMLS Lecture - Shape-Forming, Self-Healing, Shear-Thinning and Biadhesive Hydrogels in Biomedical Area Prof. R. Jayakumar
June 16     GPMLS Lecture - Adenosine metabolism in cancer and inflammation Dr. Gennady G. Yegutkin
May 16     GPMLS lecture - Novel CRISPR-Cas and other programmable nucleases as potential genome editing tools Prof. Virginius Siksnys
May 12     GPMLS lecture - Use of single-cell and spatial-sequencing for the study of inflammatory skin diseases Dr. Jóhann Elí Guðjónsson
May 5     GPMLS lecture - Neuroendocrinology and ageing: from mechanisms to translational approaches  Dr. Cláudia Cavadas
April 22     GPMLS lecture - BioMedical Center - 10th Anniversary: Celebration Prof. Tuuli Lappalainen
April 4     Functional role of PRDM7 in melanoma and its regulation by MITF Nhung Hong Vu
March 31     The non-coding genome: LINCing regulatory elements and evolution of the human brain Dr. Diahann Atacho
March 24     Should I stay or should I go? The role of the chromosome condensation pathway in distinguishing chromosomes from extrachromosomal DNA Anna Marzellíusardóttir
March 17     The BMC Imaging Core Facility Sigurður Rúnar Guðmundsson
March 3     Epitranscriptomic regulation of DNA repair genes Karen Kristjánsdóttir
February 24     Regulation of vascular tone and wall tension in retinal arteries Prof. Þór Eysteinsson
February 17     New Research infrastructure - Part B Margrét, Óttar, Stefanía and Ragnhildur
February 10     New Research Infrastructure; Part A Ragnhildur, George, Þór and Hans
February 3     Microglial table manners: a new role for the centrosome in timing and controlling neuronal uptake by microglia Katrín Möller
January 27     Skin and mucosal immune-dysregulation and its role in Autoimmunity Prof. Björn Rúnar Lúðvíksson
January 20     Neuromuscular Tissue Engineering: In vivo studies with cellular therapies in models of severe lesion Dr. Tiago Ramos Pereira
January 13     The role of Mitf in neuronal activity Fatich Mechmet

Seminar Programme Autumn 2021

Date     Title of talk Speaker
December 16     Protein Structure and Disorder Prediction uising AlphaFold Matthías Már Valdimarsson & Tinna Reynisdóttir
December 9     Retinal oximetry in eye diseases and neurological diseases Dr. Sveinn Hákon Harðarson
December 2     Proteomics reveals that GFPT2 and UGDH, two enzymes in glycan metabolism, are upregulated in breast epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) Qiong Wang
November 25     Disordered transcription: Deciphering disordered transcription factors one-by-one with single-molecule techniques Dr. Pétur Orri Heiðarsson
November 18     Single-cell RNA sequencing: where we are and where we are heading Prof. Páll Melsted
November 11     Trial and error in CRISPR mediated genome editing: the devil is in the details Dr. Bylgja Hilmarsdóttir
November 4     Somatic evolution in healthy vs chronically inflamed colon and skin Sigurgeir Ólafsson
November 3     GPMLS lecture - Using fluorescence and X-rays to target volume-SEM acquisitions within multicellular specimens Dr. Yannick Schwab
October 28     Iceland as an incubator for startups in the health and biotech industry and the important role of BMC in the future growth of that industry in Iceland Dr. Friðrik Rúnar Garðarsson
October 21     What opportunities does the Aurora cooperation offer? Harpa Sif Arnarsdóttir
October 7     Research projects at Reykjalundur Dr. Marta Guðjónsdóttir
September 30     Allele-specific expression in the human heart and its application to postoperative atrial fibrillation and myocardial ischemia Prof. Martin Ingi Sigurðsson
September 3     Novel Peptide-Drug Conjugate Melphalan Flufenamide - A story of a successful industry-academia collaboration Dr. Ana Slipicevic

Seminar Programme Spring 2021

Date     Title of talk Speaker
May 20     Advanced imaging of cellular processes across scales Dr. Jan Ellenberg
May 6     Human diversity and diseases in the context of genomics, transcriptomic and proteomics Dr. Unnur Þorsteinsdóttir
April 29     Unraveling the mysteries of noncoding and coding risk variants identified through pancreatic cancer GWAS Dr. Laufey Ámundadóttir
April 15     Assessing the effect of rare sequence variants in genome-wide association studies of quantitative hematological traits Guðjón Reykdal Óskarsson
April 8     Engineering vascular models to investigate disease at the microscale Dr. Kristina Haase
March 25     Applications to Infrastructure Fund Many
March 18     Metabolic profiling on FFPE breast cancer tissue using DESI-MSI Ólöf Gerður Ísberg
March 11     PTENpg1 antisense RNA mediates PTEN suppression in vemurafenib resistance and predicts clinical outcome in melanoma patients Dr. Linda Viðarsdóttir
March 4     Characterizing cancer-specific invasion programs and deciphering the role of natural killer cells in metastatic breast cancer Dr. Hildur Knútsdóttir
February 25     Towards an integrated metabolic and gene regulatory network model of human endothelial function Dr. Adrián López García de Lomana
February 18     Recent developments in the isolation and quantification of extracellular vesicles (EVs) from breast cell lines Dr. Berglind Eva Benediktsdóttir
February 4     Microglia Genealogy: Microglia through the lens of evolution Dr. Laufey Geirsdóttir
January 28     Short Vi-polysaccharide abrogates T-independent immune response and hyporesponsiveness elicited by long Vi-CRM197 conjugate vaccine Dr. Stefanía P. Bjarnarson
January 21     Vaccine development and vaccination against COVID-19 Prof. Ingileif Jónsdóttir
January 14     Prion protein genotypes in Icelandic scrapie flocks: The effect of removing rams with a VRQ allele from Icelandic breeding stations Mrs. Eva Hauksdóttir

Seminar Programme Autumn 2020

Date     Title of talk Speaker
December 17     Dissecting the phagophore assembly site Mr. Sigurður Rúnar Guðmundsson
December 10     APRT Deficiency: Prevalence and Clinical Outcomes Dr. Hrafnhildur Linnet Runólfsdóttir
November 26     SLEEP REVOLUTION - remodeling of sleep diagnostics and treatment Dr. Erna Sif Arnardóttir
November 19     Role of biological sex in cardiovascular (patho)physiology Dr. George Kararigas
November 12     CRISPR-Cas9: discovery, current uses and future uses Prof. Hans Tómas Björnsson
October 29     The genetics of fetal hemoglobin levels in adults Prof. Magnús Karl Magnússon

Seminar programme Spring 2020

Date     Title of talk Speaker
February 27     Positive communication in an academic environment Jóhanna Ella Jónsdóttir
February 20     Horizon Europe – what to expect in the next EU framework programme Aðalheiður Jónsdóttir
February 13     Novel aspects of MITF in melanoma Dr. Valerie Fock
February 6     Plasma Metabolomics Profiles Associated with Endothelial Health and Dysfunction and their Influence on Endothelial Cell Metabolism Prof. Óttar Rolfsson
January 30     Secondary effects of head trauma in sports – psychological, neuropsychological and hormonal aspects Dr. Ingunn S. Unnsteinsdóttir Kristensen & dr. Helga Ágústa Sigurjónsdóttir
January 23     IDH2-mediated glutamine dependency in breast epithelial cells: Implications for drug resistance Sigurður Trausti Karvelsson
January 16     iStopMM: Early findings of a nation-wide screening study for multiple myeloma Dr. Sigrún Þorsteinsdóttir and dr. Sæmundur Rögnvaldsson
January 9     New projects supported by the Infrastructure Fund 2019 Many

Seminar programme Autumn 2019

Date     Title of talk Speaker
December 10     Choline metabolism in cancer Dr. Siver Andreas Moestue
December 5     Illuminating the dark proteome, one molecule at a time Dr. Pétur Orri Heiðarsson
December 2     GPMLS/BMC Lecutre - Multiplex targeted protein assays for clinical research and diagnostics Prof. Christoph Borchers
November 28     Using Genome Scale Metabolic Models to Optimise Differentiation in Mesenchymal Stem Cells Dr. Sarah McGarrity
November 14     The electron microscope core facility at BMC Jóhann Arnfinnsson
November 7     Vacuole Membrane Protein 1(VMP1)’s role in HER2 positive breast cancer Arsalan Amirfallah
October 30     Imaging core facility: an introduction (or reminder) Dr. Sævar Ingþórsson
October 24     Toll-like Receptor 2 (TLR2) Interactome by a Novel Cross-linking Proteomics Technology Dr. Saiful M Chowdhury
October 10     Female hormones, menopause and breast cancer Laufey Tryggvadóttir
October 3     Causative Genetic Mutations in Human Neurodevelopmental Disorders - Detection as a First Step on the Path to New Treatment Options Dr. Julian Heng
September 19     Free fatty acid stimulated cell signalling via fuel metabolism and GPCR activation – Lessons from the Seahorse XFe96 Dr. Hjalti Kristinsson
September 12     Auðna Tæknitorg / TTO Iceland - Coordinating technology transfer in Iceland and beyond Dr. Einar Mäntylä
September 5     Extracellular vesicles participate in the effects of ethanol in the neuroinflammation: Role of TLR4 Professor María Pascual
August 13     Analytic tools to study post-traumatic epilepsy using multi-modal data Dr. Dominique Duncan

Seminar programme Spring 2019

Date     Title of talk Speaker
May 13     GPMLS/BMC Lecture - Network Medicine: New Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease Prof. Joseph Loscalzo
May 9     Novel aroylated phenylenediamine compounds enhance antimicrobial defense and maintain airway epithelial barrier integrity Iwona Teresa Myszor
May 2     Association of cerebrospinal fluid inflammatory biomarkers with Alzheimer‘s disease pathophysiology and cognition in an Icelandic memory clinic cohort Unnur Diljá Teitsdóttir
April 11     The effect of hyperbaric oxygenation on vascular reactivity to angiotensin II and angiotensin-(1-7) - the role of CYP enzymes Dr. Aleksandar Kibel
April 4     The role of ALKBH3 in the regulation of DNA double strand break repair Dr. Þorkell Guðjónsson
March 28     Mass Spectrometry based assay for diagnosis of APRT deficiency Unnur Þorsteinsdóttir
March 14     The imprinted gene Delta like non-canonical Notch ligand 1 (Dlk1) plays a role during tissue development and regeneration through Notch dependent and independent mechanisms Dr. Gunnhildur Ásta Traustadóttir
March 7     Hematopoietic stem cell-derived products for cancer immunotherapy Dr. Sóley Þórðardóttir
March 4     The evolution of neurons and nervous systems Dr. Detlev Arendt
February 28     Dietary fish oil enhances peritoneal NK cell maturation and may modulate Wnt signaling in murine antigen-induced peritonitis Kirstine Nolling Jensen
February 21     BMC Core Facility Seminars - Infrastructure Fund 2018 Many
February 14     Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors Shaping Early Developmental Trajectories Dr. Þórhildur Halldórsdóttir
February 7     The epidemiology of Haemophilus influenzae in healthy carriers and infected following the introduction of Protein D conjugated vaccine in Iceland Sandra Berglind Tómasdóttir
January 31     Proliferation & Osteogenic differentiation of human Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Metabolic model building Þóra Björg Sigmarsdóttir
January 24     Expression, regulation and role of PXDN, a collagen IV crosslinker, in the mammary gland Anna Karen Sigurðardóttir
January 17     Influence of plasma free fatty acids on albumin - cobalt binding capacity, zinc dynamics and blood clotting Dr. Kondwani G.H. Katundu

Seminar programme Autumn 2018

Date     Title of talk Speaker
December 20     Serum protein networks in humans link genetics to disease Dr. Valur Emilsson
December 13     MITF - Not just skin deep Dr. Kritia Kirty
December 6     Functional properties of the autophagy protein ATG7 Dr. Margrét Helga Ögmundsdóttir
November 29     cancelled  
November 22     GPMLS/BMC Lecture - What I learned about breast cancer from studying Ductal Cancer in Situ Prof. Steve Narod
November 20     GPMLS/BMC Lecture - Animal Welfare Dr. Dorte Bratbo Sørensen
November 15     Kabuki syndrome: insights from studies in neurons and immune cells. Dr. Hans Tómas Björnsson
November 1     Genetics of infectious and inflammtory diseases - examples Prof. Ingileif Jónsdóttir
October 25     Serum proteomics reveals biomarkers for incident type 2 diabetes Dr. Valborg Guðmundsdóttir
October 18     How did the horse lose its stripes? Dr. Freyja Imsland
October 11     Use of flow cytometry in cell analysis and cell sorting Dr. Stefanía P. Bjarnarsson & Dr. Siggeir Fannar Brynjólfsson
October 4     GPMLS/BMC - Mechanisms of type-2-diabetes development during childhood and adolescent obesity

Prof. Peter Bergsten & Dr. Hjalti Kristinsson

September 27     Practical application of thermophilic bacteria - potential, benefits and challenges Dr. Björn Þór Aðalsteinsson
September 20     Using bone mineral density for clinical assessment of bone strength Dr. Magnús Kjartan Gíslason
September 13     The role of miR-190b in breast cancer Elísabet Alexandra Frick

Seminar programme Spring 2018

Date     Title of talk Speaker
July 5     GPMLS/BMC - Bats, viruses and longevity: what´s the link? Dr. Linfa WANG
June 7     Model-driven analysis of metabolism reveals possible drug targets for EMT in breast tissue Sigurður Trausti Karvelsson
June 5     The role of MITF as determined using inducible mutations in mice Prof. Eiríkur Steingrímsson
May 24     The role of epithelial enhancing drugs Jón Pétur Jóelsson
May 3     The Regulation of DNA Repair by Epigenetics and Epitranscriptomics Stefán Hermanowicz
April 26     EGFL7 mediates BMP9-induced sprouting angiogenesis of endothelial cells derived from human embryonic stem cells Dr. Guðrún Valdimarsdóttir
April 16     BMC/GPMLS - How nuclear architecture regulates transcription Dr. Rafael Casellas
April 10     BMC/GPMLS - Mass Spectrometry in Precision Medicine Prof. Jonas Bergquist
April 5     Potential Clinical Significance of an Authophagy Gene in Breast Tumor Development Arsalan Amirfallah
March 22     The role of central carbon metabolism in breast epithelial stem-like cells during EMT Arnar Sigurðsson
March 19     GPMLS/BMS - Piezo channels in mechanotransduction: sensory biology to disease Prof. Ardem Patapoutian
March 15     Microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (Mitf) as a regulator of eye phenotype in mice Andrea García LLorca
March 8     Piezo channels in mechanotransduction: sensory biology to disease Qiong Wang
March 1     BMC´s Core Facilities  
February 22     Beyond the dogma: evidence for a transcription-independent function of MITF Dr. Valerie Fock
February 15     Development and application of a patient-derived xenograft platform to test anti-cancer agents Dr. Berglind Ósk Einarsdóttir
February 8     Role of non-coding RNAs in breast morphogenesis and epithelial to mesenchymal transition Zuzana Budková
February 1     Lífklukkan; í takt við tímann Björg Þorleifsdóttir
January 25     Telomere length and telomere dysfunction in BRCA2 mutation carriers Birna Þorvaldsdóttir
January 18     Proton pump inhibitor use and risk of cancer Óskar Örn Hálfdánarson
January 11     From medical imaging to surgical planning Dr. Paolo Gargiulo
January 4     Variation in regulatory element transcription: architecture and interactions Dr. Katla Kristjánsdóttir

Seminar programme Autumn 2017

Date     Title of talk Speaker
December 7     Modelling Endothelial cell metabolism in sepsis Dr. Sarah McGarrity
November 30     BLIMP1 in Waldenström's Macroglobulinaemia Kimberley Anderson
November 23     Exploration of epidermal differentiation with single cell RNA sequencing Dr. Bogi Andersen
November 16     MITF, TFEB and TFE3 in melanoma – Regulation and interaction Josué Ballesteros
November 10     Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Jóhann Arnfinnsson, Paulina Cherek, Ásgeir Örn Arnþórsson
November 2     The Systems Biology of Red Cell Metabolism James T. Yurkovich
October 19     BMC-GPMLS: Regulation of cell fate in mammalian epidermis Dr. Fiona Watt,
October 12     Role of MITF in melanoma phenotype switching Remina Dilixiati
October 5     Utilization of deeply penotyped large population based cohorts in research Prof. Vilmundur Guðnason
September 21     Improvement of cancer diagnosis and treatment; view from the clinic Prof. Dr. Rob AEM Tollenaar and Dr. Wilma E. Mesker
September 1     Missense mutations in the TP63 gene are linked to a subset of severe developmental disorders, termed ectodermal dysplasias (EDs) Drs Peter Koch and Maranke Koster
August 25     Stress-induced extracellular matrix proteins: role in breast cancer metastasis and therapy resistance Dr. Þórður Óskarsson
August 24     Reproductive physiology of the bank vole - immunohistochemical in vivo and in vitro approaches Dr. Malgorzata Kotula-Balak
August 22     BMC-GPMLS: Metastatic colonization by circulating cancer cells Dr. Joan Massagué

Seminar programme Autumn 2016

Date     Title of talk Speaker
15th August     Dissecting Transcriptional Regulatory Networks Involved in Melanogenesis Dr. Kritika Kirty
16th August     Lunch seminar - Short distance migration: The case of the desert ants Dr. Heinz Arnheiter
18th August     Lunch seminar - Long distance migration: The case of the monarch butterfly Dr. Heinz Arnheiter
23rd August     Lunch seminar - Global warming and how animals adapt Dr. Heinz Arnheiter
25th August     Dr. Heinz Arnheiter
26th August     Correlative light electron microscopy (CLEM): Finding a needle in a haystack Sigurður Rúnar Guðmundsson
30th August     Dr. Heinz Arnheiter
6th September     GPMLS-BMC: Retinal Pigment Epithelium: Development and Generation from iPS Cells Dr. Heinz Arnheiter
9th September     Matís – dynamic biotechnology and food science – opportunities and impact Dr. Hrönn Ólína Jörundsdóttir
9th September     BMC-GPMLS: Disease causing mutations in the BMP pathway Prof. Petra Knaus
16th September     ArcticLas: Professional in vivo research in Iceland Bergþóra Eiríksdóttir
19th September     BMC-GPMLS: Beyond BRCA1 and BRCA2 - Where do we go from here? Prof. Susan M. Domchek
20th September     Lunch seminar - From Mx to Mitf: The value of chance observations and failed experiments Dr. Heinz Arnheiter
5th October     Emerging new findings on Cholinergic signaling in inflammatory diseases Dr. Taher Darreh-Shori
6th October     The Yin and the Yang of a bacterial toxin: Fooling host phagocytes and delivering immunotherapeutic T cell vaccines Dr. Peter Šebo
20th October     Horizon 2020 - Health & biotechnologies Sigrún Ólafsdóttir
27th October     Prof. Albin Sandelin
11th November     Expanding the genetic code to map the binding site of antidepressant drugs Hafsteinn Rannversson
17th November     Mechanisms underlying uterine circulation during pregnancy Dr. Maurizio Mandala
24th November     Virtual screening for novel Atg5-Atg16 complex inhibitors for autophagy modulation Dr. Jóhannes Reynisson
1st December     Transcription factors regulating mouse pluripotent states. Dr. Erna Magnúsdóttir

8th December

    Profiling miRNAs in breast epithelial progenitor cells during branching morphogenesis and EMT in 3D culture Eiríkur Briem, PhD student
15th December      Unraveling a novel mechanism of monoclonal antibodies targeting the serine protease inhibitor, HAI-1. Ásdís Kristinsdóttir Frost

Seminar programme Spring 2016

Date     Title of talk Speaker
21st January    

BMC-GPMLS: Genetics of Common Complex Traits

Kári Stefánsson
4th February     Chronic over-nutrition and mitochondrial dysfunction Dr. Lilja Kjalardóttir
18th February     The Role of ALKBH3 in Epigenetics, DNA Repair, and Breast Cancer Stefán Þór Hermanowicz
25th February     hESCs and angiogenic signalling Dr. Anne Richter
3rd March       Kimberley Anderson
10th March     BMC-GPMLS: Immune actions in Alzheimer’s disease Dr. Frank Heppner
17th March     BMC-GPMLS: Impact of Host Genetic Factors on the Natural History and Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus Infection Prof. Martin Lagging
31st March    
The effects of pathogen inactivation on platelet metabolism during storage
Freyr Jóhannsson
14th April     The role of the Microphthalmia associated transcription factor in autophagy regulation in melanoma Katrín Möller
20th April     Telomere length measurements using a multiplex qPCR method Birna Þorvaldsdóttir
28th April     Cancelled  
6th May     BMC-GPMLS: Harnessing DNA repair defects to develop new therapies for cancer Prof. Alan Ashworth
6th May     BMC-GPMLS: Landscape of somatic genetics in 560 whole breast cancer genomes Dr. Serena Nik-Zainal
12th May     From gene to behavior: unraveling the role of MITF in activity induced signaling of the olfactory bulb Diahann Atacho
19th May     MITF, TFEB and TFE3 and melanoma - Regulation and interaction Josué Ballesteros
26th May     BMC-GPMLS: Human pluripotent stem cells in modelling cardiovascular disease: the new patient Prof. Christine Mummery
2nd June     Defining mechanisms of replication fork collapse to identify novel cancer therapies Dr. Eric J. Brown
3rd June     Genetics of Pulmonary Fibrosis Prof. David A. Schwartz
21st June     BMC-GPMLS: The resting and the restless immunological memory: Its role in immunity and chronic inflammation Prof. Andreas Radbruch
23rd June        
27th June     BMC-GPMLS: Epigenetics, stem cells and disease research Prof. Rudolf Jaenisch
27th June     BMC-GPMLS: Development and disease: the view from chromosome neighborhoods Prof. Richard Young

Seminar Program Autumn 2015

Date     Title of talk Speaker
27th August     Introduction to the JEM-1400Plus Transmission Electron Microscope from JEOL Dr Sonja Guerster
3rd September     Flow Cytometry, Danstem and the World! Gelo dela Cruz
10th September        
17th September     All the appropriate signals are necessary for engineering proper tissues: A prerequisite for successful tissue engineering Prof Yannis Missirlis
24th September     GPMLS guest speaker - Lysosomal roles in extracellular and intracellular communication Dr. Claire Mitchell
1st October     Electronic lab books versus paper lab books Ingólfur Magnússon
21st October     Inflammation-Resolution programs: In aging and human milk Dr. Hildur H. Arnardóttir
22nd October     CRISPR - one tool for a multitude of applications Dr. Tobias R. Richter
29th October       Dr. Valgerður Andrésdóttir
30th October     5,000 Genomes of Streptococcus pyogenes: Clinical and Translational Research Implications Dr. Jim Musser
5th November     GPMLS guest speaker - Why don’t we get more cancer?  The crucial role of Extracellular Matrix and Microenvironment in metastasis and dormancy. Dr. Mina Bissell
12th November        
19th November     Inhibition of PTP1B in breast epithelial cells disrupts cell adhesion and induces anoikis Bylgja Hilmarsdóttir
26th November     Platelet concentrates storage and pathogen inactivation methods Níels Árni Árnason
3rd December     A Tutorial of Electron Tomography and TEMography Dr. HIROMITSU FURUKAWA
10th December     A Zebrafish core-facility at the BioMedical Center Dr. Valerie H. Meier
17th December     Bordetella adenylate cyclase toxin manipulates the epithelial innate defense mechanisms and disrupts the barrier function of differentiated lung epithelial cells Nikhil N. Kulkarni

Seminar Program Spring 2015

Date     Title of talk Speaker
12th January     Diagnostic and Predictive Uses of Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing in Paediatrics Prof. Stephen Meyn
22nd January     Cancelled  
29th January     Personalized medicine, integrating genetic data into clinical care Prof. Magnús Karl Magnússon
5th February     p63 positive basal cells in bronchial epithelium and fibrosis Ari Jón Arason
12th February     International opportunities for research students at University of Iceland The International Office of the University of Iceland
19th February     Microarray analysis in clinical care, research on spontaneous abortions, and the Raindance digital PCR system Helga Hauksdóttir
26th February     Cancer epigenetics: emerging therapeutic opportunities Dr. Ólafur Andri Stefánsson
2nd March     Regulation of cholesterol biogenesis by the glucose-sensing transcription factor MondoA is required for zebrafish epiboly Prof. Thomas Dickmeis
3rd March    

Self-organization of cellular genetic oscillators during mouse embryo development

Dr. Alexander Aulehla
5th March    

From Germline Genetics to Function - Biological Underpinnings of Pancreatic Cancer Risk Loci from Genome-Wide Association Studies

Dr Laufey Ámundadóttir
12th March    

From melanogaster to melanoma

Prof. Eiríkur Steingrímsson
17th March     Orofacial clefting: using zebrafish to identify candidate risk loci and the connections between genetic risk and pathogenic mechanisms Prof. Robert A. Cornell
19th March     Incidence of Lynch Syndrome and the Microsatellite Instability Pathway in Colorectal Cancer Patients in Iceland Sigurdís Haraldsdóttir
25th March     Whole-cell patch clamp recordings from VA10 cells, a human basal bronchial cell line Prof. Þór Eysteinsson
9th April     Cancelled  
16th April     USPL1 and its potential regulatory role in the response to DNA damage Dr. Þorkell Guðjónsson
30th April     Determining the role of tramscription factor MITF in the central nervous system Diahann Atacho
6th May     The long non-coding RNA NEAT1 is upregulated during epithelial-mesenchymal transition and is abnormally expressed in breast cancer Dr. Maria Perander
13th May     Development of thienopyridines as anticancer agents Dr. Jóhannes Reynisson
1st July     Bile acids protect expanding haematopoietic cells in the fetal liver Dr. Valgarður Sigurðsson
6th July     Emu Oil: A role in protection from inflammatory disorders of the intestine Dr. Suzanne Mashtoub

Seminar Program Autumn 2014



Date     Title of talk Speaker
28th August     Molecular Mechanisms of Endocrine Disruption: Focus on Atrazine Prof. William Hanneman
4th September        
11th September     Investigations into plant genome evolution using massive parallel sequencing Dr. Sæmundur Sveinsson
18th September     Sub-cellular localization of the MITF transcription factor in melanoma cells  Sigurður Rúnar Guðmundsson
25th September     B Cell Immunomodulation and Fatty Acid Incorporation of Dietary Fish Oils in Colitis-prone Mice Dr. Jenifer Fenton
2nd October     The new Fluidigm Biomark equipment at Matís Sarah Heylar
9th October     Marine derived medical devices and more Dr Alexander Schepsky
16th October     Yersinia ruckeri Infection in Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua (L.): a Study of the Infective Strain and Host Responses Dr. Bjarnheiður Guðmundsdóttir
23rd October    

Vísindafélag Íslendinga: Nóbelsverðlaun í lífeðlis- og læknisfræði 2014: GPS-kerfi heilans

Dr. Karl Ægir Karlsson
30th October    

Vísindafélag Íslendinga: Nóbelsverðlaun í eðlisfræði og efnafræði 2014: Ljóstækni til hagsbóta fyrir mannkyn

Dr. Kristján Leósson and Prof. Kesara Anamthawat-Jónsson
30th October    

GPMLS: Maternal non-genetic and environmental effects on allergy development and how Icelandic Horses can help with the approach

Dr. Bettina Wagner
6th November     GPMLS: The Norwegian graduate school in Structural Biology Prof. Nils Peder Willassen
13th November        
20th November     The regulation of waste removal and recycling in melanoma cells Dr. Margrét Helga Ögmundsdóttir
27th November     Cell Polarity Pathways and Organoids: New Pathways and Models for Controlling Cancer Dr. Senthil K Muthuswamy
4th December        
11th December     Cytotoxicity of natural phenolic compounds and plant extracts in cell cultures Prof. Atso Raasmaja
18th December     Sensitivity to PARP Inhibition in BRCA2 Deficient Cells Stefán Þór Hermanowicz

Seminar programme spring 2014

Date     Title of talk Speaker
30. January     BMC's new confocal microscope, what can we do with it? Sævar Ingþórsson
6. February     The Nobel Prize in Medicine 2013: The organization of traffic and transport Prof. Helga Ögmundsdóttir
13. February     Fluorescence Correlation Quantitation of Insulin-like Growth Factor and Insulin Receptor Dimers in Breast Cancer Prof. Deborah A. Roess
20. February     Cancelled due to illness of the speaker  
27. February     Áhrif fiskolíu í fæði á bólguviðbragð í vakamiðlaðri bólgu í músum Prof. Ingibjörg Harðardóttir
6. March     Production of cystatin C aggregates for research purposes Egill Hákonarson
13. March     Effects of anti-proliferative lichen metabolite, protolichesterinic acid on fatty acid synthase, cell signalling and drug response in breast cancer cells Margrét Bessadóttir
20. March     Insect bite hypersensitiviy of horses - Immunotherapy an overview Dr. Sigurbjörg Þorsteinsdóttir
27. March     CRISPy BMC: A new transgenesis method in practice Dr. Tobias Roland Richter
3. April    

The effects of i.v. lidocain on circulation and inflammatory factors in burn injured rats

Sif Ólafsdóttir
10. April     Epithelial to mesenchymal transition in breast epithelial stem cells is reversed toward luminal epithelial differentiation by overexpression of miRNA-200c-141  Bylgja Hilmarsdóttir
8. May     The effect of expanding embryonic stem cell derived mesenchymal stem cells in media supplemented with lysate manufactured from platelet concentrates on chondrogenic differentiation Kristbjörg Gunnarsdóttir
22. May     Serotype distribution of pneumococcal infections Sigríður Júlía Quirk



Seminar programme autumn 2013

Date     Title of talk Speaker
19. September     Recent News on MITF Prof. Eiríkur Steingrímsson
26. September     Quality analysis of complex nucleic acid samples with Two-Dimensional Strandness-Dependent Elelctrophoresis (2D-SDE) Hans Þormar
3. October    

Anti-pathogenic properties of cod trypsin formulations

Reynir Scheving
10. October     Epigenetics in breast and ovarian cancers Ólafur Andri Stefánsson
17. October     Þjóminjasafnið: Mikilvægi grunnrannsókna fyrir íslenskt samfélag Málstofa Vísindafélags Íslendinga
24. October     Late effects on hearing and balance after treatment for childhood cancer Einar Jón Einarsson
31. October     The lack of MHC II in Atlantic cod and the remarkable expansion of Toll-like receptors and MHC I molecules GPMLS: Jorge Manuel De Oliveira Fernandes - Keldur
14. November     The path towards mesodermal commitment of human embryonic stem cells Dr. Guðrún Valdimarsdóttir
15. November     Elucidating key pathways in control of cell proliferation and genome integrity with high content screening Dr. Claus Storgaard Sørensen 
21. November    

Stimulation and inhibition of retinal A2A and A3 adenosine receptors and their effect on the components of the rat ERG

Guðmundur Jónsson
28. November     Metabolic networks and their applications in human metabolic research Dr. Óttar Rolfsson
5. December     Örtækni í lífvísindum / Microtechnology in the life sciences Dr. Ívar Meyvantsson
12. December     RNA polymerase II transcription elongation and DNA damage Anton Alvares
19. December     Novel human system for analysis of coronavirus-host interactions Hulda Jónsdóttir



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